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Stitched Up - Your Sewing Guide (Part 4)

Your Ultimate Step-By-Step Home Sewing Guide to Home Decorating!stitched up - your sewing guide (part 4)

Your sewing guide 'Stitched Up' Part 4 is an integral part of home decorating. . . . And believe me, here is where BIG savings can be made.

The savings are not so much in making clothing these days, as there's plenty of cheap clothing on the market, however making your own curtains, pillows, fancy bed linen, etc. will save you a lot of money.

Stitched Up - Your Sewing Guide (Part 4) shows you step-by-step how to:

stitched up - tickMake your home beautiful

stitched up - tickSew bedspreads, pillows, bolsters

stitched up - tickMake curtains, drapes and valances

stitched up - tickMake slip covers and lampshades

stitched up - tickMake decorator tablecloths and table skirts

. . . And, oh yes, let's not forget 'Sweet Dreams' the bonus patterns for a total bedroom make over.

As all other parts of 'Stitched Up' Sewing Guide Part 4 the instructions in Part 4 are also supported by clear illustrations. 

Price: $7.00.


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