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Stitched Up - Your Sewing Guide (Part 2)

Discover the Nitty-Gritty of Home Sewing from Basic to Advanced Including Finishing and Decorating and Decorative Stitches ...stitched up - your sewing guide (part 2)

Aside from the practical aspects of sewing there are the less tangibles to consider. There is the deep sense of satisfaction gained from having done something useful by your own effort.

However small, or however difficult, the making of something new leaves lasting contenment. It inspires the admiration and respect from others and boasts self-confidence.

Stitched Up (Part 2) is a sewing guide that you'll like to have handy all the time. Once you've learned how to do a French seam for example and you haven't done it for a while you may want to look it up again to make sure you've got it right.

. . . And in Part 2 of Stitched Up you'll learn everything to become an accomplished and creative sewer. 

Here's a sneak peak of what you'll learn in Part 2 of Stitched Up "Your Sewing Guide":

  • Seam and seam finishes
  • Invisible and decorative hems
  • Darts and tucks
  • Pleats and godets
  • Gathers, ruffles and shirring
  • Headings and casings
  • Bindings and facings
  • Plackets and pockets
  • Neck openings, collars, yokes, sleeves and belts
  • Buttons, buttonholes, fastenings
  • Finishing and decorating
  • Decorative stitches

. . . And this entire home sewing and referral guide is all yours for ONLY $7.00.

All four parts of the Stitched Up Sewing Guides are downloadable ebooks. All explanations and stitches are supported by illustrations that show you how to do the various steps and stitches. . . . And as you're aware a picture speaks a thousand words! 

Price: $7.00


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. . . And for how to save money with DIY home sewing projects check out 'Stitched Up' - Your Sewing Guide (Part 3).


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