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Stitched Up - Your Sewing Guide (Part 1)

Your Ultimate Step-By-Step Home Sewing Guide .....stitched up - your sewing guide (part 1)

'Stitched Up' will be of interest to beginners and more experienced sewers alike. It guides you clearly and concisely through the very early stages to the more complicated techniques and gives a different dimension on the ways home sewing can be applied and extended.

To the contrary of several years ago, when sewing often was a necessity, today's home sewing has become a wonderful hobby. It is rightly appreciated in a unique way through multiple Please Sew such as unique fashion items, cottage craft, quilting and beautiful home decor projects.

Stitched Up - Your Sewing Guide:

  1. Teaches sewing according to the most widely accepted teaching method as far as a book can be adapted to that method.
  2. Introduces you to the short cuts and techniques developed over the years in the industry.
  3. Gives you information that will help you judge better workmanship of the clothes you buy.
  4. Shows you how sewing can be simple, interesting and relaxing.

In Part 1 of Stitched Up - Your Sewing Guide - aside the general sewing information about selecting a sewing machine, fabrics and sewing equipment you'll learn:

stitched up - tickBasic stitches

stitched up - tickHow to select the correct size pattern and how to adjust it

stitched up - tickCutting and marking your work

stitched up - tickHow to make a perfect fitting

stitched up - tickSimple sewing projects to get you started

If you've been thinking about sewing and just don't know where to start (I know what it feels like, sometimes it can be just so hard to get started), then this is what you've been looking for.

All four parts of the Stitched Up Sewing Guides are downloadable ebooks. All explanations and stitches are supported by illustrations that show you how to do the various steps and stitches. . . . And as you're aware a picture speaks a thousand words! 

 Price: $7.00

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