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Sewing With Lace

Does Lace Remind You of Weddings, Christenings, Candlelight Dinners and Romance? . . . Well, You’re Not Alone. Discover How To Use This Beautiful, Delicate and Romantic Fabric Called Lace.   

Lace finishing give such a beautiful, delicate and romantic look to pillows, bedroom accessories, garments, children’s clothing, etc. A simple lace trimming can create a whole new look. 


Sewing with laceAll-over lace, cut like fabric, must have its edges finished. 


sewing with lacesHemstitch and picot or sew on lace picot edging by hand with tiny running stitches. Roll raw edge on wrong side. 


sewing with laceStitch near edge and hand roll edge to inside.  




To gather lace, pull thread at the straight edge to desired fullness, or whipstitch over edge, pulling up thread every few stitches to gather. Usually twice as much lace as the space to which it is to be applied is used.


To make a lace insertion, baste lace onto right side. Use a satin stitch or fine running stitch at joining. Cut away fabric underneath, and hand roll raw edges, catching in lace. Or, appliqué with zigzag stitching, the machine zigzagger, hemming, over-handing, or blanket stitching. To put a lace insertion in lace fabric, overcast or zigzag stitch.  


To turn corners, make a miter with tiny, close, overcastting stitches so that the effect is like a fine cord. Cut away excess. Or, make little pleats around corners, preserving the curve. 


Please Sew - sewing with lace


To join lace, match the design and overhand. Applying lace to garment / sewing project for decorative effects: Use one of the following methods: 


sewing with laceOn raw edge, apply lace right sides together, straight edge of lace 1/16 inch beyond seam line. Stitch on seam line, turn back hem and stitch or hem by hand. 


sewing with laceOn finished edge, baste lace to edge and stitch. Attach lace on right or wrong side. 


sewing with laceOverhand loosely to finish hem. 


 apply laceApply laced on right side ¼ inch from edge with tiny running stitches. Roll raw edge on wrong side. 


French hem on laceFrench hem: Turn in raw edge ¼ inch, ½ inch below fold, crease material and bring to fold, forming a small pleat on wrong side. Overhand lace to folded edges. 


working with laceOn scalloped or irregular edge, baste lace on to right side with very careful basting line. On inside, overhand along basting line so that effect is like fine cord. 


sewing with laceWith entre-deux, hand roll hem, catching in margin and lace. 


Sewing with lace is the 'final chapter' in Finishing Touches sewing tips.   






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