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Sewing Projects of Interest

Whether you are looking for some simple Please Sew to make for yourself, or as gift for family and friends, or like to sew for charity you will find something on this page.

  • Baby Blanket
    Pattern and instructions for making a baby blanket - a beautiful gift to keep any baby warm and comfortable.
  • Plaited Tie-backs
    Give your room a stylish look by making plaited tie-backs for your curtains.
  • Tab Top Curtains
    Sewing tab top curtains. They are stylish, inexpensive and easy to sew.
  • Concealed Tab Top Curtains
    Concealed tab top curtains bring elegance and sophistication into your home.
  • Poncho
    Making a poncho for the disabled.
  • Sewing Gift Ideas
    Five easy sewing gift ideas to make.

. . . And just think about our 'Please Sew Community'


Join our ‘Please Sew Community’ and make our website grow by sharing your patterns and beautiful work with other readers. It doesn’t matter if your sewing project is large or small - other readers will benefit from your contribution.

There is nothing more exciting than sharing your achievement with other people who have the same appreciation for sewing as you do. With digital photography it is so easy to take a picture of your work and send it to us. We can set up a photo gallery or if you send us the instructions as well we can add a special page. The credit will be all yours. Click on Contact Us to send us your home sewing project.


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