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Sewing Gift Ideas

5 Easy sewing gift ideas to make for Christmas or any special occasion.

Whether you want sewing gift ideas for filling Christmas Stockings or sewing for charity or making your own decorative place mats these 5 simple home sewing projects with instructions will get you sewing.

1. Potholders

  • Put two small washcloths right sides together, and stitch around ½ inch from edge, using a ½-inch gauge, on three sides.   
  • Trim corners and turn inside out. Make a loop by taking a four-inch piece of tape and basting it to corner with edges ½ inch inside.   
  • Turn in raw edges of potholder ½ inch and baste, catching in loop.   
  • Stitch ½ inch from edge on all four sides and do a second line of stitching inside first using the width of the toe of the presser foot as a guide. 

A second method is to:

  • Put the two cloths wrong sides to­gether and baste bias binding all the way around, making the loop out of the binding. 
  • Have binding a little narrower on stitching side to catch in underside and then stitch. 
  • You may also use the machine binder to bind the edges. 

2. Pincushion 

  • Cut out two four-inch circles or squares. 
  • Turn in edges ¼ inch all around and baste.   
  • Baste a seven-inch strip of elastic on to wrong side of one piece with ½ inch of elastic extending inside edge on two opposite sides.   
  • Place second piece of material on top, wrong side down, and stitch all around near edge on three sides.   
  • Fill with cotton wadding, baste raw edges together, and stitch across.  

3. Place mat:

  • Use suitable material such as gingham, linen, basket weave, etc. and cut into piece 12 x 18 inch. 
  • Turn edges under to wrong side ¼ inch and baste wide rickrack or fringe to wrong side covering raw edge.   
  • The trim extends on the right side. 
  • Stitch all around. 

sewing gift ideas

4. Scarf:

  • Use brightly colored silk and hand roll edges on a rectangle 40 x 19. Or, roll the long edges and fringe the short ones. 
  • To do this, draw out a crosswise thread ½ inch from the edge, and overcast through drawn thread line up into material; or machine stitch, near drawn thread. 
  • Pull out all threads below to make fringe. 

5. Small drawstring bag:

  • Cut out piece 12 x 28 inch and lining piece 12 x 26 inch. 
  • Fold in half crosswise, right sides together, and stitch ½ inch from edge up two long sides on both pieces. 
  • Turn right side out and put lining in bag, wrong sides together. 
  • Pin together at side seams and bottom, and baste lining to bag at top to hold in place. 
  • Turn down 1/2 inch on top, baste, then turn down two inches, baste and stitch. 
  • Clip one stitch of seam on top hem on both sides and stitch two lines above and below opening V2 inch apart. 
  • Cut two strips of ribbon or tape 30 inches long. Insert one with bodkin or safety pin through one side and draw all the way through, pulling out on same side. 
  • Do the same with the other on the other side. 
  • Knot ribbon edges or fasten with decorative stitches, and pull to draw. 

 Happy sewing with these 5 simple sewing gift ideas.

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