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Sewing Basics

Whatever you do in life you always have to start at the beginning. This website does exactly that. It starts with explaining all the basic sewing techniques that you are able to use in a few different ways:

  1. With sewing basics you start from the beginning and learn each stitch
  2. Read through it pick out those sewing basics that you'll need to start your home sewing project.
  3. Bookmark this Sewing Basics page and use it as a quick reference. Sometimes you need a quick reminder of how to do things.

Practicing the basic sewing techniques that I need immediately for my sewing projects seems to work for me. . . . But then again, we are all different.

If you are a novice at sewing then may be you also like to read the 9 Everyday Sewing Tips.

Below is a list of the tips and 'How to' instructions of the Sewing Basics section of this website.

  • Basic Stitches 1
    Doing the groundwork right from the start using basic sewing stitches will give a professional looking finish for all Please Sew in the end. This web page explains five basic stitches.
  • Basic Stitches 2
    Basic stitches 2 give you an array of basic stitches essential for Please Sew. This web page gives you the how, when and where to use the different basic stitches.
  • Sewing Seams 1
    The how, what, when and where of sewing seams and seam finishes 1.
  • Sewing Seams 2
    The how, what, when and where of seams and seam finishes 2.
  • Sewing Hems
    This web page explains the different kind of hems and how to sew invisible and decorative hems for different Please Sew.
  • Sewing Tucks
    Be creative with sewing tucks. Transfer a simple home sewing project into an eye catching piece of work by using decorative tucks.
  • Sewing Ruffles
    Sewing tips of how to get the best results with sewing ruffles, gathers and shirring.

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