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Self-trim Edging

Discover How to Make Self-Trim Edging to Decorate Your Home Sewing Projects.  . . . And Be Warned! This Requires Patience and Accuracy.

The fourth part of the Finishing Touches Sewing Tips is all about self-trim edging.



Please Sew - self-trim edgings 


Self-trim edging 


self-trim edgingSaw-toothed edge: Cut straight strips 2 ½ inches wide. Fold lengthwise through center. Cut a pattern of heavy paper and trace on material. Stitch on marking, cut off excess fabric and clip to points. Turn right side out, baste, press. Turn in raw edge of garment / sewing project. Apply edging with one of methods described under ruffles, or with facing stitched on right side over edging, turned to wrong side and slip stitched.


 self-trim edgesPointed edging: Cut lengthwise strips 1 ¼ inches wide. Cut into squares and fold diagonally once and then again. Baste onto right side of garment, edges together, overlapping points. Baste bias facing on top, stitch all together, trim seam, turn bias to wrong side, slip stitch to position. 


 looped edgingLooped edging: Make lengthwise strips about 1 ¼ inches wide. Fold lengthwise and stitch about ¼ inch from edge. Turn inside out, press. Cut pieces exactly the same size, put ends together to form loop and baste to garment / sewing project with even spacing, using same method as for pointed edging. 


 scalloped edge Scalloped edge: Draw scalloped design on paper and trace on fabric. Cut out two strips, sew around curves, right sides together. Trim clip, turn, baste scallops, and apply to fabric as above. Miter corners so that two scallops joined make one wide corner scallop.  


 ruffles  Ruffles: See our page on ruffles


applying bands Bindings, facings, bands: See our pages on applying bands and bias binding


braides stripsBraided strips: Cut out bias strips, fold in half, right sides together, and stitch ¼ inch from edge. Turn inside out with safety pin or bodkin, press. Take several strips and attach to one piece at top. Braid over and under, beginning at right, stitch to garment. 

Enjoy those finishing touches with self-trim edgings. And now the last part in these Finishing Touches series is all about ‘How to work with lace’.

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