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A valued reader and grandmother of 2 lovely granddaughters loves to teach her grandchildren lots of various crafts. Together they have done some great kids sewing projects that they like to share with other readers.


Both granddaughters got ribbons for their work at the ‘Grandma and Me Section’ at the Country Fair in 2009.


Tayte, the 3 year old, made a dolly blanket entry for the Country Fair. She was judged in the age category 10 and under and received a red ribbon.


Tegan, the 7 year old, again was judged in the same age category and received the blue ribbon for her fleece blanket. She made her fleece blanket in the school colors. Something light enough to tuck in the backpack for the ride home on the bus on cold winter days.


Here is how grandma Joyce, Tegan and Tayte did it:


Kid sewing project 1 – Tegan’s blanket. kids sewing projects - blanket

  • Draw the desired design on card stock, so that the children have an idea what finished project will look like.
  • Use masking tape to mark off every aspect of the project.
  • Figure out the exact measurement for the spaces. Great maths exercise.
  • Draw lines with pencil where the slots have to be cut.
  • Cut slots with a 28mm Fiskars quilting wheel.
  • Cut a strips of another color fleece to fit the slots.
  • Weave the strips through the slots and then make a square knot in each corner.
  • Cut the fringe from the edge to the first tape.

Kids sewing project 2 – Tayte’s dolly blanket. 


Tayte her 3 year old loves to sew. Her kid sized fiskars is busy. She not only cuts material with the fiskars, but dough for cookies as well. When kids are too young to use a knife, those scissors come in handy!kids sewing projects - dolly blanket

  • Again draw the desired design on card stock, so that the children have an idea what finished project will look like.
  • Take a size of fleece needed for the dolly blanket.
  • Cut to size.
  • Measure 2 inches in from the edge
  • Put masking tape around the 4 sides.
  • Then supervise as the little one use a child fiskars to cut the fringe.
  • Tayte would cut up to the tape. 

I like to thank grandma Joyce, Tegan and Tayte from MN, USA for sharing their kids sewing projects with our Home Sewing Projects website.


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