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Fancy Stitches 5 

Fancy stitches for specific purposes: Embroidered Arrowhead, Crow's Foot Tack And Bar Tack. 

Have you ever worn a tight skirt, stepped into your car or made a slightly bigger step than you should . . . Yes, you guessed right . . . the sound of a crrrrack. The split in your skirt just ripped. Well, in these fancy stitches you’ll find out how to fix it.   


The embroidered arrowhead and the crow’s foot tack are both a great decorative way to hide a ripped pleats or splits. In particular delicate fabrics such as silk or pure thin woolen crepe outfits are easily ripped on splits or pleats. The stitches below show you how to fix the problem. 


Fancy stitches: embroidered arrowhead, crow's foot tackembroidered arrowheadEmbroidered arrowhead: Tailored effect and reinforcement at top of pleats, darts, short seams. Mark triangle with chalk, start at B up to A, make a tiny backstitch, down to C, and under to B. Continue in same manner to fill in triangle, take very precise stitches side by side, and not allowing them to overlap. Press from inside over something heavily padded, for example, a folded towel. 

 crow's foot tackCrow’s foot tack: Mark triangle as for arrowhead, start same way but make backstitch at all corners and go back to B, marking line from C to B. Work around triangle in same manner, each stitch coming just inside previous one. The threads will automatically draw in to make crow’s foot. Used like arrowhead. 



fancy stitchesBar tack: Make several long stitches at ends of opening at right angle to opening. Make stitches over bar from left to right, catching in material, or use blanket stitch. Make small bar tacks, perpendicular to this, at either end. Used for tailored effect and reinforcing edges that may pull out, as the ends of a pocket. 


The last in this series is Fancy Stitches with the functions of your electronic sewing machine.


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