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Fancy Stitches 2

Fancy stitches are decorative embroidery stitches used for special effects, for contrast, and emphasis. 


A continuation of various blanket stitches, different feather stitches, cross stitch and French knot. Samples of the stitches are provided on the picture below.   



Please Sew - fancy stitches such as blanket stitch, feather stitch, cross stitch and french knot


blanket stitchCrossed blanket stitch: Make like closed blanket stitch, except that stitches cross at the top. 


fancy stitchesGraduated blanket stitch is made in different sizes. Also different slants. 


blanket stitchGrouped or spaced blanket stitch: In groups of two or three stitches, with regular spaces between. 


feather stitchFeather stitch or briar stitch: Mark a center line. Make like blanket stitch, slanting the stitches, first from right to left, then from left to right on either side of center. For stiffer effect, make stitches parallel to center line, instead of slanting. Best used to accentuate certain lines, as a hem, or at top of pockets. 


feather stitchClosed feather stitch: Insert needle at bottom of previous stitch so the stitches meet. 


double feather stitchDouble feather stitching: Two slanting stitches on each side. 


 embroidery stitchesZigzag or serpentine feather stitch: Mark zigzag or curved line, featherstitch along line. 

 Please Sew - Cross Stitch

cross stitchCross stitch: Bring needle out at one, insert at two, out at three, in at four, out at five, in at three, etc. Used for borders, samplers, traditional embroidery. 




Please Sew - fancy stitches: two-sided canvas stitch

Two-sided canvas stitch:

Bring thread from wrong side out at A, in at B, out at C, in at D, out at B, in at E for the whole line. At end, R, go up to T, to Q, to P, etc. to A, Y, A, Z, C, Y, C, Y, B, X, B, X, D, etc. Used for coarsely woven materials and needlepoint.   


French knot: Bring needle up from wrong side, wrap thread around needle one or more times, and insert needle close to point where it came out, keeping thread taut to prevent looping. Used to fill in spaces and to make centers of flowers.   


See our Fancy Stitches 3 for herringbone, chevron, satin and seed stitch; couching and fagoting.



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