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Fancy Stitches 1

Fancy stitches are decorative embroidery stitches used for special effects, for contrast, and emphasis.   


Begin with a back stitch, not a knot. Where a backstitch will be visible, allow a length of thread to fall across the wrong side and catch it into stitches made on right side. Finish a line with two tiny backstitches. This was just the beginning of a series of fancy stitches.


Please Sew with fancy stitches and decorative embroidery stitches


 fancy stitchesRunning stitch is used for decorative designs; two rows in contrasting colors, groups of two or three, diagonal effect, etc. 


running stitchTwisted running stitch: Outline the line of design with running stitches, and with contrasting thread go over and under stitches, using a blunt needle, but not through fabric, to get an effect like twisted cord. 


backstitch Backstitch with heavy thread for flower stems and to emphasize tops of hems. 


Stem stitch Stem stitch is made over line of backstitches with tiny slanting stitches working from left to right. Gives a fairly heavy trimming line. 


embroidery stitch Padded stem stitch is heavier than stem stitch. Make stitches straight towards you as in over-handing or whipping. 


 chain stitchChain stitch: Bring thread out from wrong side, insert needle at same point and take a stitch, holding loop of thread with left thumb. For a different effect, whip over chains in a contrasting color. Used for stitching in a line especially on peasant type clothes. 


fancy stitchesMagic or checkered chain is made like chain with two contrasting threads in needle. Keep one color to left holding thread under thumb, make stitch with other color. Bring second color to the left for the next stitch and hold under thumb. Continue. Stitches of chain are in alternating colors. 


Lazy daisyLazy daisy is an elongated chain in a flower design. 


 embroidery stitchesLadder or square chain is made like a regular chain except that needle is inserted, not in the same hole, but to the right. A slanting downward stitch is made for each chain from right to left. 


feathered chain stitchFeathered chain: Make one loop, slanted to left of center. Below and to the right of center, take a small upward slanting stitch; make a chain stitch. Take a slanted, small upward stitch below and to the left; continue. 


 fancy stitchesOutline stitch or crewel: Make short upward stitches, keeping thread to right, and bring needle out a little below point of insertion in a straight line, or slightly to left of center line. Or, work from left to right. More than one row may be used for heavier effect. Outline stitch is used for a fine, distinct decorative line. 




blanket stitch Blanket stitch: Hold thread to left with thumb, insert needle about ¼ inch up, make stitch down through loop. Used for thread carriers, dainty edge trims, edges of heavy materials which would be too bulky to fold under. 


 fancy stitchesClosed blanket stitch: Make slanting stitches, first to one side, then to other, with stitches meeting at top, thus forming a triangle. 


For blanket stitches, different feather stitches, cross stitch and French knot see our Fancy Stitches 2.


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