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Batik Fabrics For Quilting - Bali Quilting Fabric

Batik fabric for quilting gives us the possibility to create fascinating designs each time. Before batik, there was canting and this was practiced by the women of Java, Indonesia. The batik material that you get in the market today is produced in Bali. Bali quilting fabric is known for two main reasons: quality and exquisite design. 


The history of the batik shows that centuries ago this type of dying was extremely popular. The method was extremely simple, and the effects stunning.  This is a craft that was always done by women, back then and now as well.   


The batik fabric involved women making elaborate designs on a fabric which was then covered with wax with the help of special copper caps. Once the whole fabric would be covered, it would be inserted into dye, or painted – as the situation required. After being satisfied with all the places where dye had been applied, the wax is taken out by boiling the fabric several times. The result has always been simply stunning. 


Different types of Bali quilting fabric 


There are two popular types of Bali quilting fabric and they are batik and polo. Batik is a fabric whose design is created through a unique process described above.  


The other Bali quilting fabric is called ‘polo’ which also means in Balinese ‘without a background.’ These are created through hand dying and no wax therefore, no design or pattern on it.  


Style, Elegance, and Personality 


Batik fabric for quilting doesn’t just offer unique hand designs, quality, and durability. Through its sophisticated patterns you will get elegance and style in a very simple and colorful way.  


Bali fabrics are easily marked for their colorful, vivid and unique patterns; they come in a great variety of colors to match the most demanding requirements and decors. Bali fabrics are popular not only because they are made all individually by hand but also because of their unmatched quality. 


For a perfect result follow the tips of how to use Batik fabric for quilting 


v                Always have the batik fabric for quilting pre-washed; this will ensure that its absorbing power is maximized and hence it will catch the dye better 


v                Use the thinnest possible batting when you use batik cloth; it will make it easier for you to handle the material, and the result will be elegant 


v                The best way to bring out the best in the batik fabric for quilting is to alternate it with other fabrics, preferably different colors, lights and even textures. This would ensure that the batik fabric outshines the rest by comparison 


v                Keep the batik fabric for quilting at the top of the quilt always. This fabric is not known to stretch well and hence its placement elsewhere would result in a skewed look, and risk of tearing 


v                Never use the batik fabric as a quilt backing fabric. Despite its beauty, the batik is terrible against the skin, and your quilt will loose its practical value. 


v                If you have to choose between batik fabric for quilting and other fabric, by all means use the batik fabric. It costs the same as other fabrics, but its impact and looks far surpasses the best of best materials. 


v                When purchasing batik fabric for quilting, always visualize the possible combinations and buy as many as you can gather in a pattern. This will stand you in good stead when you need some exceptional material for a rush job in quilting. Batik material will instantly brighten up any type of quilt you are working on. 


Where you can find Batik fabric for quilting Bali Quilting Fabrics 


The best place to shop for Batik fabric for quilting is online. Here you will find a large number of virtual stores, which compete with one another on quality and prices. Huge numbers of designs, patterns and ideas await you in the online stores. Besides searching for Batik fabric online you can also look for Bali quilting fabrics. 


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