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Applying Bands and Embroidery Edging



Bands and Embroidery Edging Make Edgings With A Difference! 


We continue with our Finishing Touches 2 sewing tips with the different ways of applying bands as trims and commercial embroidery edging.

Please Sew - applying bands and embroidery edging

Applying Bands 


applying bandsBands are applied as trims - often in the reverse manner to facings - that are turned to the outside. Bands may be ribbon or self-fabric; flat, gathered, pleated or tucked. For professional results, use the machine edge stitcher or zigzag stitch. Miter corners. Bands are often used to give garments or any other item for that matter a new look or repair a worn edge. 


applying bandsDouble band: Make two bands, stitch all around on three sides, right sides together, trim seams, turn and finish fourth side by hand, turning in raw edges. Used for ties at the front edge of a garment or for bows and other neckline decorative finishes. 


applying bandsTurn in both raw edges of band and baste to position on garment. Edge stitch on both sides or catch by hand. Used horizontally or vertically on any part of the sewing project for decoration. 




tailor's strapTailor’s strap: Turn in raw edges of band so they meet in the center and overcast edges together. Baste to garment and edge stitch on both sides. Used for heavy materials, wools and velvet to decorate neckline, bodice, or skirt. 


 applying bandsBands are sometimes buttoned to garments for detachable trim. Make buttonholes in band, and sew buttons onto garment. 


 entre-deuxEntre-deux - known as seam beading and embroidery veining – is a narrow openwork band, which has fabric margins on both sides. It is often used as a trim between seam edges. 


  • Stitch entre-deux to right side, using cording foot to stitch close; trim margin to 1/8 inch, roll material over, whip. Or, trim both thicknesses and overcast.   
  • With very thin material, apply on right side, roll margin and fabric together, whip.  
  • Cut away margin, roll garment edge and whip to entre-deux through openings.  
  • Where edge of garment / sewing project is to be gathered, roll edge and whip, pulling up thread every fourth stitch or so to gather. Whip gathered edge to entre-deux.  
  • To insert veining in a seam, fold seam allowances back, baste folds to both sides of veining and stitch. Trim seam of garment / sewing project very close, and hem inner edge of veining to stitching.  

Commercial embroidery edging 


Commercial embroidery edging is applied with one of the methods described under ruffles. Miter corners carefully, retaining curves, trim and overcast raw edges. Or, lay several pleats at corners. 


Start making a difference to your Please Sew with applying bands and embroidery edging or try applying braid, fringed edge and tassels.

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