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Please Sew Show You Everything from the Basic to The Advanced and Throws in a Few Savvy Sewing Patterns as Well. So What Are You Waiting For . . . ? 

Do you want to be a confident and skilful sewer? Do you want to make your own home sewing projects? . . . Then look no further!

'Stitched Up' - Your Ultimate Step-By-Step Home Sewing Guide gives all the skills and 'How To . . .' you require.

'Stitched Up' - Your Sewing Guide consists of 4 individual parts.

stitched up - your home sewing guide (part 1)Part 1: Your ultimate step-by-step basic sewing plus simple sewing projects.

stitched up - your home sewing guide (part 2)Part 2: Discover how to become a creative sewer.

stitched up - your sewing guide (part 3)Part 3: Find out how sewing makes your dollar stretch further.

stitched up - your home sewing guide (part 4)Part 4: Your step-by-step Home Decorating Sewing Guide.

. . . And check out Hot Deals for the discounted price for all four!

Just imagine completing your first home sewing project! Yes, this can be very real with our savvy sewing projects.

The best part is . . . some great sewing ideas and the patterns on this website are yours for free

 tab top curtain

Stylish, easy to sew Tab Top Curtains

plaited tie-backs

 Change your home decor with these rich looking plaited tie-backs

concealed tab tops curtains

 Bring elegance and sophistication into your home with concealed tab top curtains


To Our Valued Readers,


Home sewing is very much alive! … And whether you want to establish a home sewing business or just want to sew for pleasure sewing is a skill. 


But better yet . . . Home Sewing not only makes you money, but also saves you a lot of money.   


Visit the markets, look out for the half yearly and yearly sales, rummage through specific sales tables and go to factory outlets to pick up some bargains. 


Sewing these days is not only about fashion and making clothes. How about Home Decorating, Cottage Craft, Quilting, and Doll Making. A lot of gorgeous Teddy Bears are home made. Attractive window coverings can brighten up a gloomy room. Look at our sewing gift ideas! Let your imagination run free and … the sky is the limit.


. . . And for that special occasions you are also able to shop for that beautiful romantic gown on this site.


Oh yeah, one more thing how about joining our ‘Please Sew Community’ and make our website grow by sharing your patterns and beautiful work with other readers. It doesn’t matter if your sewing project is large or small - other readers will benefit of your contribution.

There is nothing more exciting than sharing your achievement with other people who have the same appreciation for sewing as you do. Send us an email with the details. The credit will be all yours.

Sewing is a wonderful pastime. Take it up as a hobby or maybe even as a professional. With modern methods, equipment, and fabrics to serve as inspiration, who can find any reasonable excuse to be discouraged from starting a home sewing project.

. . . And if you are a novice at sewing check out our Sewing Basics and 9 Everyday Sewing Tips.

Happy Sewing!

Janna Halioris

Please Sew 

P.S. Again, if you're interested to have your home sewing project uploaded please email us directly.

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